Since inception, Centre for Advisory and Testing Services (CATS) has been providing contemporary and real time practical engineering knowledge to the students of both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It facilitates extensive engineering research in MIST on the subjects of both national and international interest. It also provides quality advisory and testing services to different engineering projects.

Six departments of MIST namely, Civil Engineering (CE), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering (EECE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME), Environmental Water and Coastal Engineering (EWCE) Department operate CATS to provide real-life related practical engineering knowledge to all the students of a undergraduate and postgraduate level for attaining OBE system compliance which is one of the prime objectives of the institution. Other objectives of CATS-MIST are:

  • To encourage program of research on matters of national interest
  • To make provisions for advisory, research and consultancy services including supervision and material testing
  • To enter into suitable agreement with any person, private entrepreneurs and industries, government/semi-government organizations and autonomous bodies

CATS-MIST is designed to undertake extensive engineering research by the faculties, pertaining to specific technological needs of the institute itself and providing knowledge-based world class testing and consultancy services in the field of engineering and technology related projects. Based on requirements, advisory and consultancy services are also drawn at times from other reputed institutes/organizations like BUET, Institute of Water Modeling (IWM), Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE), Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) etc. Nonetheless, all faculty members, lab technicians, equipment and facilities of MIST are dedicated towards providing active services throughout the year to it’s valued clients.

CATS multitudes of activities ensure that infrastructure, lab equipment, testing facilities and services of MIST in general and CATS in particular are better utilized. It provides opportunities for the students and young faculty members of the institute to be updated with the latest trend of technological development of the globe. Competent faculty members find it as an appropriate outfit to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise towards the technological advancement of the country as a whole.

Activities of CATS of few departments have already earned reputation at the national level. Details of the activities of CATS-MIST are being presented in the Department’s webpage. With the active involvement of the CATS operating departments and support from other departments of MIST, the outfit continually strives to meet the demand of the institution, the society and the nation. In fact, multitude and multi-disciplinary activities of military and civil students of both undergraduate and postgraduate level, professional expertise of dedicated and learned faculty members, modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art testing equipment and lab facilities of MIST are aimed at driving the institution towards a “Centre Of Excellence.”

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